January 28, 2016


How do I take part in Day Without Speech?

  1. Organise a group of friends, colleagues or school mates to take up the challenge
  2. Pick a day and length of time for your campaign, ranging from one hour to 24 hours
  3. Ask family and friends to give to your campaign
  4. We will contact you to talk about your campaign and experience


What are the rules for Day Without Speech?

  • Give up speech completely — don’t talk with others, don’t gossip with your friends,
    and don’t hum or sing.
  • Be creative. Feel free to communicate through other non-verbal methods such as
    hand gestures, facial expressions, writing and even through the use of technology.
  • Make sure your guardian or supervisor is aware you are participating in
    Day Without Speech, and let them know straight away if you are feeling unwell.
  • After you finish your campaign, we will contact you to talk about your experience
    and explain more about how speech therapy helps others.


What is the simplest way to raise money?

Ask your family and friends to give to your campaign. We accept donations by
credit card, Paypal or cash.


Where is the money going?

The money raised will support the work of OIC Cambodia. You will be helping
children with communication and swallowing disabilities in rural Cambodia.

OIC makes a life-changing difference to children and we couldn’t do our work without
your support!

OIC is proud to be a partner for Project J703N OIC Cambodia (Education)
with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993). Tax-deductible receipts
for gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved aid and development project
will be issued by GDG to donors in Australia and the United States. Donors from
the UK may be eligible for Gift Aid. If funds raised exceed the requirement for this
project, the funds may be directed to a similar project activity. Please note
that no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are funded
by any of these projects.


What are the different ways for people to donate?

The easiest way to accept donations is through your GoFundraise profile page.
Send your donors the link to your page and they can give using Paypal or credit card
(American Express, Visa or Mastercard). They can also donate by cash. Download the
guide on how to setup your online fundraising page and the sponsorship form from
our Resources page.